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Hit a Block with Anxiety

I've never had the confidence to go to the doctors about how I feel but I know I have anxiety and have had it for quite a few years. I'm slowly starting to get better but for the past while feel in certain areas of my life I've gotten worse again or hit a block.

I've recently changed jobs and whilst my last job was super stressful due to bad management, I felt confident at what I did as I had great non-senior colleagues. Moving job has decreased my confidence as I've moved to an office where I'm sat separate from the majority of workers who all do the same role so therefore are closer and tend to forget about me. I feel left out of conversations and have been asked a lot if I'm enjoying my work as I'm quiet over in the corner (I often can't hear the conversations because I'm further away and next to a noisy printer). I try my best to get involved with conversations but a lot of the time people will ask the whole office how they are etc and leave me out. Therefore I'm starting to go back into my shell and feel nervous about speaking out. This job is only 6 months so I can put up with it however it's now making me feel nervous about applying for other roles as I feel that I'm judged a lot at work for being "quiet". I don't feel this is true - I'm just a hardworker but will always be up for a chat with people.

For me with anxiety, my boss not saying hi or good morning to me when I say it can really make a brilliant day turn sour. I'd like to not feel this way and not take every little thing as a personal attack.

Does anyone have any similar experiences of feeling judged at work or feeling anxious? Any tips for not carrying this onto next role?

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