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dizziness... therapy... and flying!

Hey guys,

I've been going to therapy for 3weeks now (once a week) and I'm a little confused if that and the meds I am or working... I don't feel half as bad as I did! Which is a good thing, but I stilll have that little thought in the back of my mind that this is not completely anxiety. My therapist is teaching me how the body can get physical symptoms so I guess i just have to keep going?

Also I am flying to Spain next week (I live in the UK) and Ive never been one to worry about flying but since all this, I keep thinking the worst! like what if there is something really wrong with my heart and the pressure of the plane kills me?! what if it makes my dizziness so bad that I wont be able to do anything - my dizziness hasnt been overly too bad these last couple of weeks, it comes more in phases now, but it's pretty strong at the moment... and I'm panicking a litte

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Hi JLou, I think you will be pleasantly surprised on how ready you will be for your trip both by going to therapy as well as medication. Plan ahead by working with the therapist in planning the steps you will take when flying in order to keep your calm with you. Let the doctor who prescribed the medication know you will be going on a trip and ask questions about dosage should you get anxious. Be prepared... it will make you more in control. Most of all enjoy your trip. Meanwhile you have 3 weeks to continue to have us support you.


Believe in your therapist, and believe in yourself.

Take control of your thoughts.

The thing with panic attacks is that they feel so real, and that's way they get us sometimes.

My blog with a few tips:


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