Hi All, I am new & In the UK. I am a very young 57 year old :-) I have had Agoraphobia off and on for many years, I now know this has been cause by Panic Attacks and Health Phobia. Symptom's - Morning Anxiety, Dizziness, Etc....... I am at the moment trying to do exposure therapy, which has been hindered by the light days. ( feel much better going out in the dark!) but I am trying v hard has my son is getting married next year and the venue is an hour away..( Yikes!) Has anyone tried Hypnosis Therapy. Besides this I am an optimistic person and never get depressed. Anyone else relate to me.

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  • Hi suzy99, I have been agoraphobic for the last 6 years but in the last year have been getting out little by little. Like you, the morning anxiety is the worse. I rather go out when it's cloudy or in the evening. Well you have a year to prepare for your son's big day. How exciting and I'm sure scary for you at the same time. I have tried Hypnosis Therapy and it is fabulous. The thing was the cost out of pocket became too much. But it does work. Go for it. I wish you well in whatever you decide to do. x

  • Hi There, i have just started reading Dare by Barry McDonough. It is absolutely fantastic the best book i have ever read, and like most of us looking for a 'cure' have read many. lol. They also have a fb page with just the most inspirational and motivating people you can find that have been through or going through what we are now. Give it a try. x

  • Thanks suzy, I heard that Dare is suppose to be very good. Thanks for recommending it. Ironically, today I'm packing up all the books I have on Anxiety as well as Fibromyalgia. They are perfect shape. There is a local book store who will buy them. Hopefully they will help others.

    Have a good day :)

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