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Fed up of feeling like this!!

So I started suffering from headaches about 2 years ago now. Went to my gp who gave me some tablets. Since then I've been on about 10 different tablets, which non have helped! 

I started to think that I had something seriously wrong with me, surely having a headache 24/7 isn't right! I finally convinced mydoctor to send me for an mri, the results came back fine. 

So basically I have developed anxietytelling myself i must have something wrong with me. I constantly have a headache and feel dizzy. It's all day every day now and it's ruining my life. I'm a single mum to two young boys and I'm struggling to cope with every day life. I've told my doctor about my anxiety but he didn't believe me and said it's 'just migraines'.

Am I really going crazy?! Someone please help!!😢

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I suffer with migraines but think there is a big difference from headaches to a migraine and when you have a migraine you know the difference and one should not last every day for 2 years this sounds more like you could be suffering with tension headaches and with those no tablets will help until we learn how to relax and that is where you need help because as you say you are getting anxious

Have you tried putting in Google relaxation for anxiety , you can get up all different relaxation meditation kind of exercises which if you go through a few can usually find one that helps you in relaxing yourself , worth a go

The Doctor you are seeing seems useless to be honest and I would maybe go and see another Doctor in the same surgery that will be more understanding and offer suport with my anxiety

Been a Mum and a single Mum can be hard work but try and get some time just for you each day where you can practice how to feel relaxed you sound like you are tensed up most of the time

Try and be reassured though that it is not any sinister of the scan would have shown it up , so that is a positive even if everything else does not feel that way at the moment

Take Care x


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