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I'm so so so so down, I've lost too much

I've lost my Dad to cancer, my friends to accidents, I have lost my ex of 5 years and her daughter I raised to PTSD and my stupidity, I lost my friends in the military and lost my career.......  

I quit smoking and was apart of their community but got pushed away because I was asking for advice with anxiety issues but with doing so I lost a great support group who I loved.....

I just wanna die, crawl under a rock and die........  It hurt too much.  I am 30 single, no kids of my own.....  I am a loser.......   

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You are certainly not a looser !

Sometimes this is life , it hurts and we struggle but we do come out the other end 

I have lost my Mum & Dad and all sorts of things have happened in my life but then when I look around I can always find people that have dealt with even worse which sometimes makes me count my blessings 

I know it must hurt to loose your ex , friends , job , support group but what does that say about all those people that have walked away from you , why are you taking all the blame , we all can be stupid but people that care will be there for us not walk away , so maybe you are not all to blame the people you thought you could trust and would support you could by the sounds of it not be who you actually thought they were 

You are 30 , that is still very young , you have got to a stage in life where you have some experience through things that have happened and you can use them now as you go into the next new chapter that you can make of your life , we learn by all the painful events we go through

Can or have you got a new career ?

Lots of people start with one career and move on to another 

You will meet new friends as you go along in life and I always say better to have one good friend than lots that may not be there for you when you need them or stick by you

I think the meetings you were attending the people there were a bit harsh because yo wanted to ask about anxiety , that is no reason to turn their backs on you , are there any groups that are for anxiety that you could join ?

You have plenty of time and you will meet that special someone , even though I know it hurts when we think we have found them and it does not work out but there will be a reason and for the better we just don't get to find what that is till time moves on 

I would deal with your issues your anxiety , not sure if you have been to see your Doctor but I would and I would let them know how I was feeling and ask what help they can offer you 

You are not alone on here and even though this may be an online Community you will find you have lots of friends who won't turn their backs on you and will answer or listen the best they can especially when you want to talk about anxiety :-)

Take Care x


You're no loser ! I'm so sorry about everything that's happened to you, its horrible but know that we're all here for you and that you won't lose our support and we're all your friends here, I pray things will get better 😊

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American_army_guy,  my heart goes out to you in your losses.  I'm sorry.  You need to get into grief therapy as soon as possible in order to turn your thoughts around.  It is not safe or good for your well being to feel so much emotion.  30 is young by today's standards.  You need some healing time as well as positive reinforcement in order to go forward.  You are not a loser by any means.  Things happen to us in life that we have no control over but we do have control as to how we interpret and deal with it. I wish you well in the healing process of acceptance.  I care ....


Hey AmericanArmyGuy.   Thank you thank you for your service.   You are not a loser but a hero.   You just don't see it now because of the heartache.   Do not give up on yourself, please.   First of all, that group with the anxiety, that is absolutely crazy.   I never heard such nonsense.   Of course all the grief you're dealing with regarding loss is not going to be easy but you will be able to cope if you hang in there and take it day by day.  I lost my pop in 2013, and even though I am a lot older than you-45 now- I never could imagine life without him.  He was my rock and I thought my world would crumble beneath me.  This was a fear of mine since I was a little boy.  I am very sorry about your dad.   I know my dad would want me to live on and he's in my heart.  I never believed when people said that but he's with me always.   I sometimes look at his picture and talk to him and that makes me feel good.   Remember, you are a hero.  Def. no loser.   I would like to be your friend. 


Beautifully said, very heartwarming.   It is true that American_army_guy is my hero too.  


It may seem like everything is overwhelming you after so much heartache but just take one step at a time. You don't know what's around the corner and we all encounter people who have no soul - you need to find those that do and are supportive of what you've been through. Be strong it's a few chapters in a book that were bad, the next ones could turn your life around but we need to try and be positive no matter how hard that is to get good results. 

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Sending you a big hug love from Paula xx


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