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So today I went to the gym I could curl 60 pounds a few times no problem. When I got to my legs couldn't lift 90  but i still lift it and completed the set remind u this is my first time back since March 19 since I worked out still have muscle twitching but mainly legs now and sometimes somewhere  else now it's at my left wrist is this normal because when I was having my so called panic attacks and anxiety attacks I really felt sick and I didn't go to school I was in bed for a long time didn't get up much wasn't eating right until now I'm 18 M

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Body twitching is completely normal especially after pysical exercise. Plus the more you focus on it and worry about it the more it will happen.

I don't think it's anything to worry about :)

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Yeaa I know it's common to twitch after but it's been 3months and I'm still twitching but not as much before when I really felt it everywhere fallowed by nausea dizziness heart palpitations hard time breathing weakness in legs but they all went away slowly sometimes I get dizzy for a long time it happened  this morning it's uncomfortable what's new is warm feelings in my thighs and sometimes cool to I have sinsetivity to sound and when I was really feeling sick when I stood up and  try to walk felt like he floor was moving buy that went away.


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