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Panic attacks are driving me crazy!!

Good morning beautiful people hope all is good . I woke up feeling much better today thank u Jesus.  I've been dealing with horrible panic attacks that scare the living out of me . I'm trying my best to be positive and stop thinking about them but I can't seem to control :(.  My hearts starts to race to the point that I can feel a strong beat. I get tightness at my lower throat as if someone's choking me . The pressure on my chest just scares me I feel like I'm having a heart attack or I'm going to die soon. I'm just so tried of this anxiety but I have to beat it and gain my life back ! 

I've been strong enough I need to beat this . I have a appointment with my doctor this month for a checkup. I don't want to get on medication, I'm taking natural herbal pills at the moment and drink teas .

Living with this me mental disease has made me a strong person.  I thank God for everyday I get to cherish with my family and hope someday he heals me from my fears .

Hope everyone has a fantastic day full of happiness and good thoughts . Don't give up everything is okay you only get stronger and the struggle is real. 

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Hi Notalone8,   reading your post I see a person who understands that these symptoms are anxiety caused.   You're positive, strong and believe that you will beat this  and so you will.  Don't let that "anxiety bully"  win.  You don't have to get on medication if you don't want to.  Using you herbal pills and I would suggest some meditation and deep breathing are a good way to go.  Lots of luck. 


Thank you so much , the struggle is real and I'm a fighter .

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