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Wondering what is going on

Since Tuesday I have been feeling kind of sick. I was running a slight fever of 100 degrees on Tuesday. I took a motrin and that brought my fever down. I had a migraine from Saturday until Wednesday. Now I feel like I have a pressure on the right side of my head. My nose is a little bit stuffy and my eyelids feel really heavy. I was obsessively checking my pulse and oxygen level. Also, last night I had excessive gas (burping). I couldn't fall asleep until I forced a lot of the excess gas out. Does anyone have any remedies? My nose is the most annoying part out of all these symptoms.Im not extremely worried about my head hurting but I did think I was having a stroke or a seizure. I was taking the depo provera, which wore off yesterday. I believe within the next month ill be better, as my mind will be withdrawing from this terrible synthetic hormone. Any advice or feedback is appreciated!:)

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Hi Katie,  I'm not sure what the low grade fever was from but I do remember after I had a migraine (mine were cycle caused) I would have that one sided pressure in my head as well as stuffy nose and eyelids heavy.  I always felt it was the after effect of the dilated blood vessels from the migraine.  I hope you start feeling better soon.  x

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