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New and looking for some advice

Hey lovely people I'm new here and just have a few questions. I'm not sure if I'm suffering from anxiety or its just me. I always have the worry feeling something bads going to happen  especially  with my children. I have trouble sleeping at night my partner works away so I usually fall asleep around 1am and then I'm up at 6:30am to start my day this happens every night I'm tired I just can't fall asleep. I keep getting this pain in my chest too only usually happens when I'm really stressed out but I get stressed out at the smallest things! Do I have anxiety ? 

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Hi, sound like you could have anxiety. I always worry that something bads going to happen, with myself, children etc. I worry all day about different things but it does get worse around tea time. Most people with anxiety are easily agitated, i get chest pains along with all kinds of other aches and pains. Make an appointment with your gp x


Def sounds like anxiety to me


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