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social anxiety- get nervous and scared while around people

I suffer from social anxiety and its just ruining my life. I am really shy and hate talking to new people it just scares me I don't know why. I also have this thing were when ever I go in a café or restaurant and theres people there I always feel like everyone is watching me. I always look down and have to walk fast to a seat hoping no one will think im weird. The exact same thing happends in collage when I am on my own and I have to walk past a group of people I cant help but feel im being judged and I have to look down. I just get terrified my groups of people and cant help but feel people are judging me. How can I stop this feeling or how can I gain confidence?   

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Hi charlOttax,    I use to be very shy like you  and one day blossomed into this outgoing person.  (I don't really know why).   The one thing I have never felt comfortable with is being in a restaurant or doctor's waiting room and feeling like people are looking at me.  Like you, I look down as well.   There were times my shyness turned to anger and I wanted to say, "take a picture, it lasts longer"  lol...   I've talked with a therapist about it and she said to take it as a compliment and say "hi" to the person staring.  I don't think so.  I think it is rude to stare at people.  I would never do it.  The other side of the coin is the outgoing people person in me.  During the holiday season, I worked for many years at the mall in customer service and working with Santa.  I was considered one of the malls most outgoing people greeting shoppers and interacting.  I guess what I'm saying is that it will happen in it's own time that you will become your own person w/o medication.  Always remember one thing,  these people do not know you are shy and you can pretend that you are outgoing until that pretense becomes real.

On the plus side, most men like a sweet, shy girl they can bring home to mom.  xx

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ThankYou xx


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