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 wondering if anyone has a dull pain in their chest, and a burning sensation that comes and goes, whenever it wants to? any one have a loss of appetite, I always did struggle with eating when I would get depressed, but hoping this isn't a sign of cancer. I have health anxiety after finding a lump on the side of my neck months ago.  Was always thinking I was dying, and then all of a sudden started getting all these other symptoms, stemming from that thought, I assume.  Finally went to the doctor, and the lump was just a swollen lymphoid that you really can not feel anymore. But still have all these other things going on, and always thinking I am dying from something else now.  Like Cancer.  It consumes my everyday. Any one else feel this way?

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Yes yes yes yes yes. I do feel this way. I get horrible headaches (everyday) and I get so many random pains throughout my body, random episodes of short anxiety attacks...and I can go on. I do get this dull/squeezing pressure on my chest and tingling all over, at first I used to be so scared about that but now I have learned that is all anxiety. My headaches...I'm still going crazy about (which might be making it worse). I also had a lump on my neck that freaking hurt for about a week and I thought I had a clogged artery and was about to have a stroke and I made my dad drive me to the doctor -.- You see what anxiety does to you? I always think that something horrible is wrong with me :((((

But I guess we have to remember that its anxiety. And anxiety is horrible in so many ways. This will pass.

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I can totally relate to both of you, with headaches, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and all kinds of odd and painful sensations.  

Did you ever find out what was the lump on your neck?


Turned out to be a swollen lymp, Doctor couldn't feel anything 


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