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Not Too much of a bad day

I started off avin a good day then me n my mum went to morrisons, half way in morrisons my dizzy spells and not feeling myself again, started feeling nervous and panicky :( I'm back at work tonight, I have butterfly's and feel nervous 😟 

I hope I don't always feel like this every time I want to go out somewhere it spoils everything I want to do it's horrible x

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are you getting dizzy passing the merchandise on the isles that seems to be moving too fast for your eyes?


Hi Melanie,  it won't always make you feel bad when going somewhere.  Just make sure you don't start avoiding going out because of that.  Sometimes it's the lighting or a scent that triggers something in you and your brain thinks of it as a danger.  And so the cycle begins.   If that should happen when at home or out, stop for a moment and start your deep breathing exercise.  It will calm down the feelings enough to continue with what you were doing or at least walk out calmly.  My best dear.....


I'm going to the cinemas this afternoon and the thought of it gives me butterfly's and nerves but I HAVE to do it for my son and my husbands daughter other wise I'll never be able to go out with the kids and I don't want to have this affecting them. X

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Have fun and enjoy Melanie.   Great place to use deep breathing while at the cinema.  No one will know and you will calm your thoughts.  You sound like a great mother.  xxx


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