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chest pressure when head down?

this is my first post everyone so i might ramble and for that i apologise, I've been suffering from anxiety and a brush with depression since February, after a rough few weeks and some bad reaction to some medication (Citalopram) i had a few visits with a counsellor, a couple of trips to A+E and a couple of trips to the doctor and a few missed days at work, i decided to drop the medication and work through it on my own which involved some difficult shifts at work some real down days and a hell of a lot of fight on my behalf, i was starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel and having successive good days which were very encouraging, until waking up one morning a few days ago with the familiar rising pressure of anxiety, i felt like i was back to square one again but this time with the knowledge and tools to banish this bully much quicker, I feel able to rationalise my anxiety much quicker though on thing still bugs me.... I've noticed when i have my head resting towards my chest like when using my phone or tapping away on the computer like now i get this sickly rising pressure feeling in my chest, its the only thing i can't explain.... and its making it difficult to move forward, if i know its a common symptom i'll feel much better, i think the great help forums like this deliver is familiarity with symptoms to people who feel alone with their anxieties, to know you're not the only one helps a great deal and had definitely helped me. anyway ramble over, have a good day everyone

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Hey mate, and welcome to the forum. Hopefully you find it as helpful as I have/do. 

Glad to hear you have learnt ways of keeping your anxiety at bay (CBT/mindfulness/meditation I'm guessing), but upsetting to hear new symptoms are rising such as your chest pain. This sounds all too familiar.

I'm no doctor, but I can tell you from my experiences that this sounds like another symptom of anxiety, as I have been getting the hot rush/pain/tightness right in the centre of my chest, off and on now for quite a few years.... Sometimes I can just acknowledge that it's there and let it be, other times it can wake me at 4am, and turn the rest of the day upside down.... 

Hope this is some help to you, and please don't ever feel alone. 

All the best, Jase. 


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