Totally freaking out!!!!!!

Well here's a little update, I've been having some tonsil problems, one of my tonsils is slightly larger than the other, and Ive got a couple of swollen lymph glands in my neck, my GP has referred me to an ENT.....just waiting on an appointment..... I've been reading the evil DR GOOGLE......lots of scary stuff, hopefully its nothing serious, I suffer with severe heath aniexty, and my brain is working overtime, anyone had similar experiences, please no scary stories !!!!


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4 Replies

  • I have exactly the same as you and it's been like that for years. Don't worry xx

  • I also have health anxiety. This morning my focus is on my throat and tongue. It feels like I have a lump of phlegm tickling my tonsils or somewhere at the top of my throat or back of my tongue that I just can't shift . It also feels like my tongue is swollen but it doesn't look like it.

    Now as I write this a bluebottle just buzzed past my ear and you would not believe the adrenaline rush that caused me . I mean wtf it's just a fly .

    I hope you wake to a better day take care .

    I also have an ent appointment for next Monday but if I am totally honest I am not sure why I booked it whether it was for my ear nose or throat they all cause me issues. And I have a doctors appointment Tuesday which I booked three weeks ago for what I can't remember. But having health anxiety I am bound to be able to find a symptom on the day

  • Thanks for heath aniexty is sooooo bad at the moment, I go through stages of feeing OK for weeks or even months then something happens and wham, I just focus on that problem at the moment its my throat, neck, and tonsil....soooo scared of going to ENT....I think he's going to tell me really bad news, that's just my way of thinking, I have a massive cancer phobia!!!!

  • You do better than me if you can go weeks or months without anxiety. I have something most days be it chest pain dizzy or breathing issues. A good day for me is if I have these and don't panic .and a bad day is well you know what they're like. 

    Last time I went ent was about six months ago . I was convinced it was going to  be bad news but they said I had lpr or silent reflux not the best news but could have been worse

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