Great article!

Thank you so much for posting that article about Anxiety.  I suffer from it and take medication and therapy for it also. People don't realize just how debilitating it can be, even sometimes explaining over and over, even to medical professionals! I'm lucky to have my current GP.  I've been going for tests now for over 6 months for everything.  The impending doom and feeling like you're dying are incredibly debilitating to say the least.  I can't work now because of this and similar conditions.

 I would like to re-post this and send to friends and loved ones if you don't mind.  Or share the link where you found it.  Its very concise and easy to understand.  Sharing this information helps educate those who don't know or understand it. 


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  • Hello

    I am glad you have read an article that really seems to have helped you :-)

    Not sure who posted it and who you are thanking or what article you are referring to but still glad it really seems to have struck a cord with you and gave you some relief 

    Take Care x

  • Hi, and thanks for your support! :).. the article was posted by 1Dark Angel "COPING WITH PANIC ATTACKS" in case you care to read. It was pinned on right under Anxiety Support.  Bit new to this site, thought I was replying to 1Dark Angel!

    Take care too x

  • Hello

    Yes I have seen it is a good post I am pleased you came across it :-) x

  • Would like to read that article.  Where would I find it? Thanks 😊.xx

  • Hi, it was posted in Anxiety Support by 1 Dark Angel!  Enjoy! xx :)

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