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Normal feeling?

It's been a week since I've stopped taking my medication , I stopped taking my medicating because a week ago I found out there's nothing wrong with my health . I'm 100% healthy. Thank god . First 2 days I was anxiety free these past few days I wake up a little anxious but thankfully I have been able to handle it. Today was one of the first days in these 2 months that I felt weird. I didn't realize how bad my body got used to feeling anxious everyday and today that my heart rate was normal breathing was normal everything being normal felt so odd. I felt high. It was weird but soothing ? Idk hard to explain. But I hope this is how things will be from now on . My mood has definitely been better , I even started working out again . Little by little ....also I've been reading this book " the power of now " which has really made sense into my life . You guys should definitely purchase it . It's helping me overcome this bad anxiety phase .❤️ Keep your hopes up and don't lose faith !!!!! God bless you all

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