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Hello it's a few months since I've been on here.Back in work and holding it together. Since last October / November I have been loosing my hair firstly around my hairline an ears receding about an inch .then a small patch at nape of thinning on top.i would say I have lost 6o%. Had many blood tests. Hormone,thyroid pituitary,autoimmune,there is no one in my family with his problem.ALso the texture of my hair has changed becoming extremely wirey .

Could the change in antidepressants from citralopam to sertraline be the cause .IF anyone else has experienced this due to sertraline did their hair grow back?..

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Well done going back to work :-)

I am sorry to hear you are having this problem and looks like you have had every test done to get an answer so it could be that some people loose hair with anxiety and I have not taken the meds you have mentioned but I have read before that in some people even though maybe only a few this has happened 

Have you mentioned this to the Doctor at all if this could be a possibility ?

It might be worth talking with your Doctor and asking if you can swap meds a while and see if it makes a difference that would be one way to find out if they were the cause but obviously you would need their guidance to do this 

Take Care x   


Thank you got replying,I'm going to see a dermatologist soon,I'm fearful of changing medication as I seem balanced at the moment and don't want to go back to where I was before it is frightening


I can understand that fear especially as they have been the answer for helping you to get to where you are , I am glad you have got an appointment to see a dermatologist , they hopefully will give you some answers and I really hope you find the answer and will come back and let us know how you get on :-) x


Hi. I did lose my hair when my anxiety kicked in but once i had that under control with the help of setraline it came back. Dont worry about it as the stress may be making it worse. 


has B12 been among the many blood tests you have had done?

B12 deficiency has many symptoms - including depression and hair loss.

this is a checklist of symptoms


if it seems likely - ie you have other symptoms - then I'd recommend joining the PAS forum as getting a diagnosis can be very tricky.  Unfortunately the test that is done isn't as specific as GPs think it is and you can be deficient well into the so called 'normal' range.


I had the same problem since my post surgery and all the symptoms that occured with this. My hair lost about 50% density and receded at the hairline. This wasnt gradual, it seemed like overnight and I was only 19. No family history of hairloss either!   After I noticed the hairloss I became so upset and pretty much obsessed about this. While some grew back over the years, I still have an issue with it. I honestly think that my anxiety symptoms and overly stressed body contributes to this shedding. Who knows if I am fully abke to regrow my hair, I think my only chance to find out is if I stop stressing about it.  Its a vicious cycle, especially for a young man. 


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