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Stay strong peeps

Few days know I've felt down, and I always feel weak when I cry, I always think ahead which I know shouldn't I've come so far last year I was anorexic and I beat it I'm healthy and I couldn't be more proud of myself, my doctors are so proud of me and my family and friends but I still have that wee fear of death, when I eat I feel like something's always chocking me and a lump present in my throat I have GERD witch i know has these symptoms but I get scared, I always feel like a hair ball stuck behind my throat or think my airways will shut it's awful, but I always remind myself I'll be strong and won't let this beat me its tough to fight with your own mind your brains a very wonderful thing, I wanna say a big thank you to those who reply to me and give me advice its very thoughtful, this September I will be starting tech and be looking forward to be a councillor, threw everything I've been threw I wanna help people grow because yous are all strong, that's what I admire about people everyone can do it, it takes time but wee can beat anxiety/depression, if wee have have a bit of faith❤️

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congrats on beating anorexia. That is wonderful. I would imagine that your body is adjusting and trying to get back to normal. The lump feeling in your throat is a sign of anxiety. I know I use to get that, but that symptom has went away over the years. Just think positive thoughts. 

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Thank you just this lump is awful in my throat, so incontestable and feel like something clogged💔wish this would disappear💔


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