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Important things for people suffering from anxiety and/or depression

I've realized the importance of eating healthy, having a regular sleep schedule and exercising while dealing with anxiety and depression. I was in a slump for nearly a month where I was sleeping in til 12 or 1 pm and going to sleep late. I filled my body with a lot of junk food. I have started eating healthier a few days ago and I am starting to feel the difference. I have cut out pizza, pasta, added sugars and processed food. I still do indulge in those but my regular diet consists of fish, chicken, veggies, fruits, nuts, beans, and yogurt. If you are not one to eat fruit as a solid then making smoothies is a great idea ! I'm currently working on my sleep schedule. Also, instead of checking your phone first thing in the morning, 10 or 20 minutes of deep breathing, yoga, or stretching makes a huge difference. It is very important to give yourself "you time" while you are dealing with anxiety and/or depression. I'm not sure if you are religious or not but praying does help too.

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I agree, I definitely found working on healthy eating and exercise helped me. Getting a good sleep pattern is also key. I am still working on that one, but feeling a lot better for the healthy eating. I found that cutting out all bread and cakes was the best thing for me as well as cutting back on the sugar intake. I already didn't drink caffeine and stopped drinking alcohol last year when I started on my medication.

I'd suggest for those who do have a lot of caffeinated drinks during the day that cutting back and even stop drinking then after a certain point each day can help with the sleep routines. I have also removed all electronic devices, except my alarm clock from my bedroom. so that helps with the sleep.

I use mindfulness breathing a my way to relax and I enjoy that.

Good on you for realising that this all works for you.

Take care.

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So pleased that you have turned a corner! I do hope you stay in the community so you can help others. Mindfulness is good for praying which is good for mindfulness which is good for mental health, I am sure.  From Pearwig. PS. Stay clear of coffee, too.


Good on you, I am really pleased for you.


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