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pregnant, anxiety, or side effects from paxil?

Hi guys. Carly here. - I'm 19 in case you wanted to know -

for the past few days, I have been feeling really off & have been scared that i might be pregnant.. the pregnancy assumption probably sounds really crazy considering I have never had a boyfriend or have had sex or been in a sexual situation where I could even be pregnant, but I have been very crampy, depressed and feeling very nauseous these past few days and my mind immediately skips to pregnancy. My period ended around the 3rd of this month normally and I never get cramping or bloating symptoms after my period. Just during. But I have had cramping that I would normally get with menstral bleeding, but it's just the cramping and no blood since i already had my period for this month. I've been scared that maybe I was raped in my sleep or something and that could have made me pregnant.. my anxiety is not making this easy to cope with and I'm pretty sure I'm scaring myself into thinking I'm pregnant and giving myself false pregnancy symptoms. apart from my anxiety probably making these symptoms worse, it might even just be side effects of my medication (paxil, or paroxetine) . nonetheless, please help me ease my mind! thank you.

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Talk to your GP Carly ; he/she will assure you that without having sex there is zero chance of pregnancy.

To imagine you've been raped in your sleep suggests you're either living in very unsafe surroundings or you're suffering from psychosis.

How long have you taken the Paxil for ? And what other medication, if any, do you take ?

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Hi cat3,

i was with my best girl friend for a few weeks prior to getting all of these symptoms and we went to a college to hang out with a few people and i'm scared that that's when i could have possibly be raped in my sleep by one of those guys (even though my period started the night before and was pretty heavy) .. so it's not a home safety thing. it's more that i'm scared endlessly to become pregnant or be raped. i have also been taking paxil for a few months now. i don't take any other medications.

thank you for your response.


Unless you were drugged or very drunk I can't imagine you would sleep through rape. But if you're still not convinced then get a pregnancy test from your pharmacy.

The way to prevent worry of pregnancy is to use a permanent type of contraceptive such as the pill.


okay. thank you for all of your suggestions. i was not drinking that night nor was i drugged. I've also talked to my doctor about the pill and she said to start thinking about going on it when i become sexually active which i don't really ever want to do which is why I think I'm not on the pill right now. thank you for all of your responses though.


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