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Totally thought I was going to faint at the Drs office today :-/ So embarrrassssing!


I'm worried about a new "problem", Aunt flow is 10 days early and I'm having some uncomfortable cramps, so I made an appointment and while I'm there, I'm talking to the doctor today I told him I feel weird, like I'm going to faint, he said my blood pressure was ok and he checked my oxygen level and is was at 99. It's so scary. I told him its anxiety I guess and I'll drink some water and be ok. I JUST WANT TO BE "NORMAL" !!!!!! Anyway, I came home, made homemade chilli, tacos, and a bunch of sandwiches for my family's lunches. Keeping busy and positive!!!

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Isn't that the worse, being at the doctor's office and having that weird feeling. In one way it was good that your blood pressure and oxygen were okay. Glad to hear when you got home, everything went back to normal. You did good...Just one of those crazy episodes that just needed reassurance. Take care.

I get that same way during pms . My hormones are everywhere & I get out of whack emotionally & sometimes I do feel light-headed. It's that feeling that lets me know my period is on the way lol I'm glad you got some reassurance & you were already at your Dr's office 😊. It's refreshing to be anxious like that & you're next to a clinic or you're at your Dr's office but I'm also learning to calm down period , even if I'm far from a clinic lol . Anyways ..I'm glad you're fine 💞

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