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Confused with pain!

Hi all its Michael again.

Well let me strat by saying I hope you'r all having a good day.

I just want to share what is going on with my "aniexty" and to see if anyone else can relate or advise me.

A few months ago I started with a wierd pain in my shoulder/collar bone area and it got me slighly worried so I had a chest x ray and bloods done which all came back clear, however because I used google I self diagnosed me with cancer. The pain's are still there today with other common aniexty symptons. However about 1 week ago I started with a dull ache around my lower back area and wieed feeling in my stomach area. I had a urine test done and again that shown nothing. I'm booked back in for some more bloods. My partner and friends tell me that if it was cancer then I'd surley be suffering with other symptons. I'm just so scared that my time is up at 32 years old. I should be out enjoying life but "aniexty" had got a hold of me really bad. I just want to be/feel normal once again.

Take care all

Mike X

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It sounds like health anxiety it is very easy to get wrapped up in every little feeling in your body it ends up turning into a vicious cycle. Definitely get checked but if you get the all clear maybe think about getting some therapy/cbt. Hope you feel better soon :)


Hi Michael! I hope you're day is getting better? Anxiety can physically manifest, it can cause chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath, shakiness, dizziness, heart palpitations, all which are very scary. Anxiety can make you feel like scared all the time, thinking you're sick, or thinking about death alot. All these things are Anxiety symptoms and the severity is different for each person. However, it's going to be alright. Anxiety is just one of those pesky things that's like a misquote bite, it can't kill you, it will only annoy you. Anxiety is a nuisance and nothing more. When you start to feel that chest pain, try not to body sense. Tell yourself it's just anxiety, I'm okay , anxiety is only a nuisance and nothing more. I'm going to be okay. I hope this exercise helps.

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