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Is my anxiety making me think the worse

Not sure if my anxiety is making me think of the worst but yesterday I was doing yoga not dobe it in ages but I did a move where I laid on the floor doing a corpse pose after my other pose and my left side of my face feels weird feels like it's been pulled to the side and still feels it not sure if I should go doctors or its my anxiety making me think it's worse then it is but dose still feel weird and like it's been pulled

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Sorry to hear you have had this experience and no matter what I am sure your anxiety will not be helping even if we have or have done something anxiety makes it ten times worse or feel ten times worse than what it actually is

I would see how it feels tomorrow and if you are not happy then yes go and get checked out with the Doctor , I am sure it will be fine but will give you peace of mind :-)

Let us know how you get on

Take Care x


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