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From 20mg to 30 mg citropram


Morning all hope you are not feeling too bad today so I was taking 20mg of citalopram but I could feel my anxiety and stress & depression creeping back dude to telling my family and my wife something that happened to me 40 years ago now this got me feeling not to gud I know it's a big weight off my shoulders but it's making me feel ill again so I went to the doctors and advised me to up my medication so I will see how I get on fingers crossed also I've booked in to see my mental health nurse to tell her thanks for being there for me you lot gud health and happiness

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I'm have similar issues, I finally told my husband somethings that I've hidden for years and although the initial relief helped over the next few days I dropped right down again and started to relive everything. My dosage was increased and it's now a week later and I'm feeling a lot more positive. Good luck, you know where we all are ☺️

Your doing the right it wishes.

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