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Hi all, I'm still on a slow climb upwards with this anxiety.. although I've hit some bumps. i've got some questions... a couple weeks ago for the first time ever my heart started fluttering... i felt it in my chest so I checked my pulse, it went like this. DUNDUN *pause* DUN DUN DUNDUNDUN and then it goes back to normal (i hope you know what I mean by that lol) Anyways, is it possible my anxiety is causing the fluttering? Or vise versa? I've always been torn between the two, whether the anxiety is causing the heart symptoms like racing heart ect, or if the heart issues are causing anxiety. I've been hooked up to a heart monitor and EKG, blood work ect. Just one time though... Also, my resting pulse is between 55-60 bpm but when I work out it does not take much for it to get up to 130-145 lifting just weights, then when I do cardio it's between 180-190, I'm concerned by how fast is rises. Any tips for any of the jumbled mess of words I've laid out? God Bless you all!

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This sounds like the chicken or the egg theory. My opinion is that it can work both ways with heart flutters but since you've had the anxiety first, it most likely is caused by anxiety. Because it's something new, I would still have it checked out at the doctors.

A simple EKG should answer your question and relieve your concerns. Your resting pulse is good, working out with weights doesn't surprise me about the pulse rising.

As for cardio workout, again that's something your doctor can address with you, according to your age and how high it is safe to go. Your words were not jumbled at all. As a former paramedic, I understood your fluttering description of the beat.

Take care and good luck...


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