Fear of going crazy

I'm afraid I'm going crazy. I've always had derealization but when I started the new meds it got worse. I feel weird and people say I've been acting weird. Sometimes I don't recognize people I know or I end up in a room and I don't remember walking there. How do you know when you're crazy? And can you be treated? Like say you go into full-blown psychosis, can you be treated? I'm so scared of losing my mind.


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  • Please help me with this, today it is worse and I'm itchy and hot all over.

  • you on meds? maybe a side effect. also, anxiety works in a lot of different ways. Check out online all the effects it has on people. Been there and still deal with it. Remain positive and give it little attention as possible. If u have symptoms with meds, see a doctor for sure. Hope u feel better!

  • psychosis 101 if you're aware you're seeming odd then the chance is you won't go crazy, if you're on anti-depressants then one of the side affects will be derealisation but it will/should get better once the meds fully kick in, panicking over it will only make it worst just give it time (easier said then done, trust me I know :p) if your derealisation is due to anxiety or depression then it's a normal symptom and just know that thousands of people have gone through it too as for going into a full blown psychosis I wouldn't know, i'm not quite there atm :P but I would imagine with the medication out there today it wouldn't happen.

  • Nathan is right. People who are "crazy" don't even think there is anything wrong. The fact that you are worried shows that you are fine! Don't worry. Depersonalization is common. Hang on 😊

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