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Her feelings she hides

She's losing her mind

Her dreams she can't find

She's losing her faith

She's fallen from grace

She all over the place

So she stands on her feet

Does not accept defeat

She gathers her thoughts

Fights her demons so hard

She refuses to let her past steer her path

or her thoughts steal her Light

her freedom

her life.

She soon finds her dreams

flys away with her wings...

Learns to feel Joy,





Balancing act it is indeed

someday she will also find peace.

2 Replies

Nothing is said better than a poem. Raw, bleeding emotions written down, no fear just you, the paper and the pen. Keep doing this its awesome.


very similar to a song by Avril Lavigne Nobody's Home, I printed out the words and took them to my therapist and said this is how I feel, every word spoke of the pain I felt this poem says it all xx


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