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In need of some friendly advice


Hey all, I've been doing better at getting the normal back into my life. I still battle anxiety (if that's what this is ) on a day to day basis though. I've started the gym again, it's going fine but my heart rate still freaks me out. Next week I will start work again, it's physical work and is sure to raise my heart rate as well. I'm just wondering how you all cope with the heart rate fluctuations, because when my heart does take off my mind goes with it. How do I keep composed and do my job through the attack? Or how do you just kind of shut down your mind? I'm rather worried about it.

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If you're working out just listen to some good or pump up music, if you're at something like work just tell yourself you will be okay. If you go to the gym and are in a healthy state a heart attack or something of the sort should be the least of your worries. The human body is capable of taking much more than I think you are estimating. Cheers! - LightSezor

EDIT: If you REALLY are having trouble, try to make a close friend. Talking to my friends usually took my mind off it and within minutes I would forget that I even ever had attacks.

Hi Austin, see your GP, you might feel a lot better with a mild Beta Blocker, have had this for years so try not to worry about it,easier said than done, good luck.

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