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Anxiety with these looking strange

I have realised recently that my my anxiety and the horrible feelings lay in something very strange I seem to be thinking about how things look all day long. Things can look very strange to me and it really freaks me out and I spend most of my day thinking about it and also how things do look or perseve to me and when they do start too I get a weird feeling which leads me too be very scared it's super weird and kind of stupid! But I can't stop myself. I've been and had my eyes tested and they're fine! Anyone know what's going on or can help me

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Have you seen your doctor about this? You need to c if it's medical or anxiety? Doc can help with anxiety too!!! Godspeed


I think its called derealization it's when things around you seem odd weird not real etc. It's quite common with theses conditions, I get it myself quite often. X


I feel exactly the same. If you look at my last post I keep seeing things in such a weird way. I cant even explain but I feel like I'm digging into to parts of my brain you don't normally use but I am.

I'm understanding things in the way people do the things they do. But at the same time I'm digging so deep and feeling so crazy with these thoughts my anxiety is at an all time high.

Its nice to know I'm not the only person feeling this

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