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Anxiety at night

Hi I suffer from anxiety at night in bed.. It's taking over my life.. I have slight dull headache and pressure in head so I think I've got a brain tumour, I have a blister atm in my throat I think is throat cancer. I check my heart beat constantly, look up slight pains on Google.. Went to doc on 50mg sertraline for last 6 weeks but not helping... I need to stop thinking on a night time .. I dread going to bed and not sleeping just lying awake worried that it's my last day on earth!!

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Put the TV on and watch someone else anything to get ur mind off of it! Wen my son passed away I had to listen and fall asleep with the tv on! Drink lots of water it has calming effect on the body and mind! I'm HERE IF U NEED TO TALK UP ALL NIGHT TO WITH MANY MEDICAL ISSUES!


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