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Should I tell my work placement?


I've known that I have anxiety for about two months now but I went back to the doctors as it got worse. They agreed with me and they also said that I'm showing signs of depression and put me on an antidepressant called Sertraline which also treats anxiety so it is for both of my conditions.

The doctor said that the medication would probably take a few weeks to help me and that it will take around six weeks to know if it is actually helping me. I have been taking the tablets for six days so far and I already feel calmer and my mum has told me that I am acting less agitated/irritable. I haven't really felt that sad and I feel like I've been less anxious than I usually am (not totally but definitely better) so I'm hopeful that the medication is going to work at the moment! :)

I have told my college tutor about how I'm feeling, my diagnosis and what dosage of Sertraline I'm on but I don't know whether I should tell my work placement or not. I don't think my conditions have effected my time their so far although it might have as I have been told that I need to communicate with staff more and I suppose that could be a factor of my anxiety but I don't really know..

Should I tell them? Will it make a difference or should I just see if it effects me whilst I'm there before I say anything? I don't want to have some kind of side effect to the medication and have no one know what's happening (although all what I think I've had so far is hyperness in the beginning, sleeping more, feeling calm and slight headaches).

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