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Dull ache

Does anybody else get a dull ache on there forehead like the middle bit just above there eyes i tend to get it at night for like a hour then it goes? And earlier today it felt like my lips went numb when I was out it scared me shitless it was when I went to kfc with friends I just felt so dizzy not all there panicky and just couldn't wait to get home I had to play a game on my phone to distract myself just wish I could believe it's anxiety will relief me a lot most of the time:/

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Just me then:/


Hi mrworry, I do get that ache in the middle of the forehead and it scares me too. Although nothing has ever happened and it does go away but I worry. Maybe it's eye strain. I think it's a real thing. As for your lips going numb when you went to KFC as

well as feeling dizzy, I might have an explanation for that. It has happened to me a couple times. KFC uses a lot of spices as well as heavy on the salt which would make your lips feel like they went numb. The dizziness I would say could be from the salt and possible MSG that they may use in their food. When that happens to me, I drink a lot of water to flush my system out, it helps with the dizziness. OR....it could be the ole anxiety coming out to ruin your time with friends. Hope when you got home it didn't take long to settle down. Take care.

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