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Breaking into sweats

Hello everyone. I have been dealing with breaking into sweats. I am not soaked by them at night. They occur during the day or when I'm awake. They happen at the gym or even when I'm not working out. For example, this morning I was sitting and I broke out into them. Could it possibly be coffee to blame ? I only had a half of a cup. I have been having coffee the past couple of weeks and I'm wondering if that's a contributing factor. All my blood work always comes back good and I've had many ekgs and chest xrays. My doctor ordered a 7 day heart monitor I think to put me at ease. He is not convinced it is my heart. The only things I have been diagnosed with are asthma, costochondritis, bronchitis, somotization disorder and generalized anxiety. My sleep studies have all been fine, as well as my other tests. I've had brain mri, chest xray, chest ct scan, eeg's, ekg's. Every doctor and specialist I've seen has said the same thing. It is anxiety. The somotization disorder makes my mind think of symptoms but I'm just wondering why I would be breaking into a sweat. Could it just be nervousness ? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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