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dear anxiety

Been thinking about you today, I always do. Wondering what pleasant symptoms you will bring today.

Sadly I have become so use to you that if I don't feel you I start to panic and think something's wrong.

Why have you decided to stay why have you come uninvited just to disrupt my life?

You make me sick... you make me weak, you take every little bit of what I feel I have left just for your pleasure.

So what's new for today?

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How about a visit to the doctor? That would be a great way to start the day now, wouldn't it? Or at least have an app't. for a day coming soon? Maybe you've already seen a doctor for your anxiety? But then why are you treating anxiety like an old friend? It's NOT your friend, you know. It'll chew you up and spit you out. It'll leave you sorry you ever heard it's name. So tell me you've seen a doctor and you have some weapons to fight this animal called anxiety. Is that why your name is "anitanxiety"? You ARE the weapon? Please write to me and tell me you've seen the doctor and you have the right stuff to fight this menace called anxiety. I'm rooting for you. I want you to be the winner.

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Hi Sue

Yes I have been for all the test and have been told its anxiety.. I was on Yelate 60mg but I have stopped taking them when I found out I was pregnant. My daughter is 7 months already and not on any meds by my choice. I have been dealing with anxiety and its symptoms for 6 years now I do not treat it as my friend just as someone some part of me that has just had enough of pain, sorrow and disappointment that just decided to break down. I have anxiety but anxiety is not me. I have great days and I have really bad days but all in all I am very blessed because I still lead a pretty normal life. I go out, I work, I can have fun with my family but I do struggle with physical anxiety symptoms example sore muscle, dizziness and just a feeling of dread but I just go on and most of the time no one even notices.

I use herbal remedies only and spices and oils, love oils. I love drinking steamed cayenne pepper and lemon water. love bathing in epson salt and lavender oil. Yes I do have discussions with myself as I know within me something needs healing.

My Rock is God!

Thanks for your interest and support


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How wonderful you rely on God! Don't forget God created knowledge and the ability to learn as doctors have learned and he works through them and medicines as well as the oils you love. He created it all and uses it all according to his will for us. It's up to us to listen to him guide us in the path that he wants us to follow.

It's so good to hear how well you are coping with your anxiety on an everyday basis. I hope all continues to go along the same for you.


be strong Tanya12345 and know I am here when ever you just need to talk or just pick my brain lol. We are stronger than we realise.



Love your message to "Anxiety". Couldn't have been said it better. It keeps you wondering what's next and yet am very aware when it's not there. Hang in there.


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