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About ESA & Anxiety

I'm currently calming esa for anxiety last August I was placed in work related group few months later I passed my driving test at that time I was copping a bit better with it, but my anxiety has got worse again, will this affect my medical as I can drive and have a car?, I can go out in the car only stay in the car as I still feel scared in public but feel safe in car because I feel protected sounds weird but that's how I feel, I recently got a forum through again to fill out for my medical again and just with me passing my test and driving making me woried as if I'm lying to them, let me know your thoughts please

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Filling in these forms can be a mind field now a days

To pass it seems you have to be very limited to what you can do

It is a tricky one , to has to be your decision what to do if to tell them or not they don't seem to have many questions for Mental Health issues on those forms and even though I can totally understand how you could drive but then stay in the car because you feel safe there I am not sure if they would see it that way as it seems the forms are a straight forward yes or no to the questions

Can you ask someone to help you fill it in you could ask the CAB to help you or give you their advice

Good luck and remember you can always appeal if you need to but fingers crossed it will all go ok :-)

Take Care x


no these are the questions I'm asking for when I have the home visit interview,


Happy new year Bounce - Jane. Hoping you are ok x


Happy New Year to you to :-)

Let's hope it will be a better one for everyone in some way :-)

Hope whatever you did last night it was anxiety free :-/

Take Care x

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