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My nan is dying of terminal lung cancer and is expected to live until around March time. I suffer with anxiety and depression anyway but yesterday was awful .. My husband had only gone out for Half an hour and I rang him begging him to come home and how far from home he was.. My home is my safety barrier but also my prison too if that makes sense.. We have been through a lot lately .. I am under fertility specialists also amongst epilepsy specialists .. Which doesn't help . I felt trapped and get all worked up and sweaty .. I feel drained but really don't want to go onto tablets any advice is welcomed x


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  • My Father died of terminal lung cancer, I nursed him it was horrible so you have my sympathy. I understand that you wish to keep off medication as you are undergoing Fertility treatments and epilepsy also, so I suggest you do deep relaxation. You need to get a tape from the Internet maybe and completely let the tape take over. After you have done this repeatedly it should work. You also need to do some form of exercise like a brisk walk in the fresh air, this will help too. Do not dwell on negative things, if you carry on like this your husband will be ill to with the pressure you are putting him through. I do hope this is helpful, I am sure you will be better soon 😊😊

  • When our life gets out of control so does our anxiety. I've been there. Like you, I needed someone to depend on, I didn't like being alone. My home too, is my safety zone and yet, as you say, my prison. I think you have answered your own question by saying "we have been through a lot lately". Too much on one's plate can do this.

    Medication can help but you are still going to have to work it out somehow with meditation, a therapist, deep breathing etc. Take one day at a time and accept what

    you can't change. Hope this helps some.

  • I do fear that my husband will become unwell dealing with me all of the time x

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