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Agoraphobia with other illnesses?

I'm new here and I'm curious as I can't find anyone else like me. So I have agoraphobia but it's due to a condition I have. My condition among many other things reduces my mobility dramatically, causes chronic pain, and makes me easily injured. Im now terrified of being out on my own anywhere because of the likelihood of me getting hurt or stuck somewhere. I just can't bare the idea of people starting at me or approaching me while I'm in that position.

It would just be nice if there were people like me who are limited outside anyway but managed to overcome this still. I only have 2 people I trust enough to feel safe with which means I can't even go out with my friends. I want the small things in life but I haven't came across a way to fix this when you depend on people to care for you.

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I suffer with agoraphobia and for me it started with taking ill outside and without realizing it slowly I started finding ways not to go out till now it is such a struggle , I hardly ever go any where and like you there are only a few I trust to come with me if I have to go out who cannot always be there

I do try and make an effort though setting myself small goals , sometimes I succeed others not so good but for me it is about trying as that is all you can do your best but rather than do nothing at all every little step I take outdoors I praise myself as people like us no matter how small it is a massive achievement

I do question myself what am I afraid of , if something did go wrong and people looked does it really matter ? answer is always no they are nothing to me and if they reacted in a negative way I would not want to be around those kind of people anyway most who were decent would try & assist if they saw someone struggling but even reasoning with myself can still be hard to make that move and get outdoors

Maybe you could set your self even if you start just weekly with small challenges if it is just getting half way up the street even a door away what ever you can manage and keep setting goals praising yourself with each one you set because you would deserve that praise as this is a very hard thing to combat but can be done you have to keep believing and you will get there

I hope you maybe getting some support from your Doctor , there is therapy you can get to help you get out , I also have ocd which I am working on first as it has come to light that the ocd is a big problem of me getting out and maybe as I work on that going out will become easier but therapy to help me get out once I am more stable with the ocd is on offer , I wonder if you could ask about this as the more support we can get the better

Take Care x


I have suffered with this on and off all my life.. Imanage to go out following the reading of a book by Dr Claire Weeks many years ago Self Help for your nerves and also her book Peace from Nervous Suffering if you have't read them I would advise you to they are invaluable and so easy to read and practice.. but yes I believe many with physical ill health probably realte a lot to what you suffer with hope you like it here I know how lonely this condition can make you x


I went to the store today to get a few things. I am agoraphobic too and just starting to get out. It's so hard. I started feeling weird in the store but was hell bent on finishing my shopping. I couldn't wait to get home. Ah the safety of my home but yet I am so nervous all the time that even at home it's hard to relax. The "what ifs" keep entering my mind. I want to cry because I feel so lost and alone. I too, don't want anyone to see me like this. I too, don't trust anymore. I won't drive with anyone or take a cab. It's been very difficult in getting health and dental care because of the agoraphobia. The doctors don't seem to understand and the nurses really don't understand. Some of them have told me that they have anxiety but there they are at least able to work where I am so afraid just going out for my monthly blood tests. HealthUnlocked is really a comfort zone that I wish I had years ago. I too, just want the small things in life. I hate depending on anyone. My medical training wants me to take care of others.

Thinking of you :)


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