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Panic Pain in Chest

Hi Everyone, Had a panic attack on Sunday out of the blue whilst peeling the sprouts, had a constant stabbing pain in the middle of my chest since Saturday so Im guessing thats what brought on the attack. Not had a panic attack in over a year. When all faint, tingling in arms, legs, pain in chest, heart rate shot up, breathless and then on the loo!! Feel ok today but still feel a bit wobbly! Hate this feeling.. :-(

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I love the way you describe it came on when you were peeling the sprouts made me smile but panic attacks can happen any time any where as you know

Maybe the pain the day before was a warning sign you were getting anxious before the panic attack happened and I wonder if you are feeling stressed as at this time of year so many do with Christmas coming up etc but if you have gone a year without a panic attack you have done really well and now & again if we tend to be anxious I think it is quite normal that out the blue we may find ourselves have a panic attack but do what you have been doing over the last year , try to give it little importance , see it for what it is & hopefully anxiety will realize it is not welcome

I hope you are feeling a lot better now :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you, I've been trying to put it to the back of mind, as soon as it started I thought, oh no! here we go again and I have been thinking about it ever since. Hate all the symptoms that come with it and have fought like mad to block it all out. You are right its probably stress and the build up to Christmas, the expectations of it all etc..

Thank you. xxx

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