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I've had enough

I really had enough, I've have aniexty And OCD and it's really means really getting me down, it's ruining my life and making me unhappy, I feel my heads playing Tricks on me, and what I wanna say to make me Betta it won't let me and I feel I have to sit and think the difference outcomes, it's horrible feel my heads controls me and it's vile, and OCD and aniexty do this? And I leant a technique that let the bad through be there but I can't rest it's going over and over 😒

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Hi. I am sorry that you are feeling so distressed. Although not having OCD myself, I can imagine how debilitating it must be for you and those who do have it. OCD is like any illness or disorder - it has a root cause. In this case it is expressed through a set of learned behaviours. OCD is, if you like, a coping mechanism gone wrong, and because you are expressing learned behaviour it follows that you can 'unlearn' those behaviours. The normal method is through Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which has a success rate. CBT is also used in the treatment of anxiety issues. you could ask your doctor about getting a therapist? I wish you well.


Hi, I'm sorry to hear of this but I can MOST DEFINTELY relate 100%!.. Its like you're thoughts are not your own and there is nothing you can do to stop them.. I was just put on Depakote which treats bipolar disorder mainly, but I've found it to really help with the ocd as well... I also have generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder with agoraphobia. So I know how hard and trying it can be on you not only mentally but physically. My best advice is go and talk to someone, you won't get any better if you don't at least try! I know its so much easier to say than do, but I'm someone who barely leaves my bedroom let alone my home it causes me so much anxiety and aggravates my ocd immensely... But I make myself do things I know can't hurt and only help...Try to stay positive because you're not alone even when it fees as though you are! I'm always here to talk :) Get better



Thank you I'm sorry to hear about you, it's just vile it ruins your life i have a little girl and wanna be right for her xx


I hear ya there too. i just had my daughter 3 weeks Ago and I luckily got some medication that helps me 'deal' with it. Its exhausting frustrating and just unfair... stay strong she needs you to be, if not for yourself than her! Do the best you can and that's good enough 😉

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