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Fear of heart attack

Hi all...about 3 years back my friend suffered a heart attack while he was at my home and his age was 24... i took him to hospital but he could not make it...after this about 3 months later while busy in the preparations of my sister wedding i noticed the same symptoms what i saw in my friend before heart attack...i alarmed nd rushed to the doctor but after having ECG and few other tests i got clean chit that i don't have a heart diseas..but it didn't make me satisfied. After that i again went through various tests but got nothing like heart disease. But this thing has made my life a hell. A little headache and indigestion makes me curious about my heart. I saw my friend had vomiting before heart attack so now if i feel a little indigestion i figure it out a pre symptom of heart attack. But trust me nothing happens. I have been waiting for this bloody heart attack for three years but its not coming. Hahaha... nice to know ghat i am not alone going through all of this...cheers

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That sounds truly awful for you. I'm sure you are fine. Take it easy. Jill x

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Thanks bro...i am totally fact its not a thing now to rule my life...yes its not vanished completely but only appears once or twice in a month..


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