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depression gets worse after my miscarriage

I started having depression when I was pregnant one year ago with my son and after having him I been on different tablets on and off until I found the one but the only thing needs to be a little bit stronger as it was working very little any way I had to stop as I found out I was 1-2 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby I was over the moon but that happens ended at coming on 4 weeks pregnant I had a miscarriage my depression was getting a little better and I was happy but as soon I lot my baby it came back 10 worse :(

its been 6 weeks after losing my little one my depression still the same now I need to get my tablets and its going to take god knows how long to start kicking in

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I am so so sorry to hear what you have been through to many women they will feel your pain especially Mum's on here I think this is one thing that many will have experienced or feared when they have been pregnant , I know I feared it but God willing I was blessed ( and I am not religious when I say that ) but my Mum always used to say to me when I used to tell her my fear when I was carrying that when these things happen it is natures way of saying something was not quiet right , I used to say what do you mean & she would say well maybe the child was going to have something seriously wrong and be in pain had they been born and so nature stepped in & prevented this from happening , it made some sense to me of something so dreadful not sure though if it will help you at this moment in time because you are going to have to go through a grieving process , even though the baby had not gone full term it was still your baby and you have had a loss so you will grieve and even though you have had depression before how you are feeling now is how lot's of women that don't suffer with depression have felt when they have had such a loss so don't feel bad that you are feeling this way but treat yourself with lots of TLC because you need and deserve it

Is your other half supportive ? can you talk to him , sometimes I know you can both be hurting and this can be hard to do but then sometimes each does not know what to say or afraid to upset the other and it can be a relief if one opens up & tells the other how very much they are struggling

Have you looked at the other communities on Health Unlocked ?

There is Action on Depression you may get some more support as well as on here as I feel support will really help you through this very difficult time & I wish you all the best for the future , stay strong & take good care of yourself :-) x


thank u x ... me and my bf at first I could not say much as he was in pain too talking to hes sis and my mum helped me and after some time me and bf started talking about it and we know it happened for a reason but still had them days I would be fine but if I see scan pics of other people like my friends it would bring me down so bad its been 6 weeks iam getting much better but my depression is not I will have them days I wish I still had my baby but its not as bad as it was 6 weeks ago


Give yourself time , like I said this is a bereavement , you will never forget but it will get more bearable and you will always have your baby in your heart no one can take that away from you or ever will , you are doing really well under the circumstances you are a very strong women even if you may not feel like you are at the moment but eventually you will again :-) x


thank u x

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