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Escitalopram side effects

Hi I just got put on Escitalopram 10 mg only on my second day but after my first pill I felt incredibly neauseous and woke up this morning with a very upset stomach and now I feel tired like incredibly, and I had the chills ( I also went for a massage this morning) I'm switching to night dose because I feel tired does anyone know if this is normal ? And if it will go away? / what are ur experiences with dealing with side effects

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When I was on it I felt very tired the first week. Then I got used to it. But after two months I tried to get off of it. I felt very dizzy so I got back on it and felt much better.


They changed my life...bear with it till side effects go away

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Thank you I am trying what kind of side effects did you deal with ?


Feeling lethargic, for 2/3 weeks symptoms of anxiety/depression, sometimes muscle jerks and then things got increasingly better, felt " normal" for the first time in years......good luck, persevere...

If after a couple of months you feel no better ask to try something else, there are many options, but hopefully you,ll be fine.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for the reply I am feeling numbness as well is that normal ?


Some tingling in muscles but it passes.....sorry for late reply, hope you are doing well


Hi Who_Knew, for me it has been an incredible drug with no ill side effects at all. I've been on it 6 years. I don't remember at the beginning of starting this med if I felt like you did. But if I did, it certainly went away. It's the only med that didn't cause me to feel drowsy. I started on 10mg and was increased to 15mg. Doctor said I could go up to 20 but am doing well on the 15mg. Give it a chance, it's only been a couple days. I wish you well. x


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