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anyone anxiety?

does anyone here have constant anxiety like your nerves are on edge most the day?...i sometimes get a chance to feel normal but very rarely, how about you?

I couldnt sleep last ability to sleep slowly whent down over the last few days from 6 hrs or basicly closing my eyes and daydreaming only to open my eyes to something relating to what could be causing me this.

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Hope you feel better soon I have it always been with it seven year worse thing I've experienced not nice. I dernt go out so I'm guna push my self to walk to me mams with is a ten minute walk not bad


Feel like this everyday but yesterday and today isn't bad just keeping my mind in other places. Hope you feel better soon.


Hello I've been having anxiety symptoms for awhile now , I have a constant feeling of weakness and just feel more tired everyday . What do u feel?


Yes I feel the same way. My head is shaking as well as my whole body and feel am going to explode. I tend to only feel a bit normal in the evening but yesterday it didn't stop until 10ish - so exhausted finally went to sleep. Very frightened with lots of stress. You are not alone.

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