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Anxiety is the condition you mind chooses the subject

Yes there can be genuine reasons to be anxious, this is normal..

But with an anxious mind , sub-consciously your fear. Will choose a subject be it social anxiety, health, financial etc etc etc..

In these cases only finding calm will make your anxious thoughts diminish..

Talking is important for reassurance, medication and therapy helps, write a letter to yourself explaining how you feel and if possible be kind to yourself and learn to say " no"....

As your health comes first...

Remember your racing mind is making up stories and you are believing them....GBx

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Hi stde I think the part about thinking more of yourself and learning to say no is vital.. I have had to get to the age I am to realise that I do matter and I now need to start showing more love and concern to myself :) It aids calmness for sure thank you x

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Good to hear from you...

Part of the cause of emotional roller coasters can be labelling thing good or bad, when they are just another life event...I try to practise this!

And secondly to practise non- reaction ( not always

If you don,t don,t get on that damned roller coaster.....



Good advice. From experience, I firmly believe there are times when certain problems, (anxiety) are a result of an imbalance in the system. In my case it was an imbalance in my hormones and low magnesium. The doctor wanted to put me on anti-anxiety meds but when I went to another doctor and got those other areas straightened out, it made a huge difference.

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Yes, good going retalee55, when we understand how the mind can trick us, we can start tricking the

Best wishesx


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