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Shooting pains

So today was not such a bad day. Got up very tired though calamine tea working wonders for my sleep problems so now struggling to get sleep is good. I got to work drank my daily dose of centrum omega fish oils and my slow mag after breakfast.....good for me !!!! About an hour or so I started gettin

Sharp pains on my right sids of my chest feels like its in my heart...scary I know...I pull out my phone and start to Googling like so many times before. I know how this works I have

Been doing this for 5 years almost. I keep thinking but this is a new sensation my mind keeps telling me...I burp I feel the sharp pain, I cough I feel the sharp pain if I movd a certain way there's the sharp pain. I am so positive when it comes to living with anxiety but some days and some symptoms just gets to me till this day.

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