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Warning: Full Moon tonight

YES... It DOES make a huge difference... and NO, it is not just a bunch of talk.

When I worked for two Denver hospitals, the ERs always put on a staff and a half...for the day/night of the full moon and the following night...

If the Full Moon can pull the mighty ocean certainly has no trouble moving our mind-bodies which is mostly water.

Not to be alarmed...just don't take yourself too seriously and practice 'letting go' and knowing 'this too shall pass.' In some cases, people seem to 'perk up' and actually feel BETTER.

Anyway, just a heads up to everyone... as for me, I'm just going to hibernate and watch a good movie! :)


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I believe the moon effect on the mind and body is VERY REAL. In fact I'm in thr middle if doing personal research on the effects of the barometric pressure effects on my own body. Whenever the barometer drops I cannot even wake up enough to drive my grandson to daycare. Driving is literally out of the question. I fall asleep at the table even if I've been fortunate enough to have had 10 hours of sleep. I feel like I've been DRUGGED for real. It's insane. Unable to function at all!! It's killing me to go through this.

Anyone suffering with the same? Any suggestions or help? P L E A S E ! ?


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Whoa ...I haven't heard that before. I should research too , before I even give advice. What I could share is during that super moon , my PMS was nuts.. :/


I wonder what does the full moon mean, actually? Is it positive energy? Or is the energy coming from the moon , whatever we make of it? I've researched but I haven't understood yet what it means lol I've even heard ppl say stay indoors when a full moon is out & others go out with healing crystals , & a blanket to meditate & pull energy from the moon, transfer it to the crystals , then the people get that energy around them. Basically , on one point of things ppl say it's negative , on the other side , ppl say it could be healing energy..? :/ idk lol


Hello Betty :-)

I can't say I have noticed anything different with me , some may say with my moods it is a full moon all the time :-D

Hope you enjoyed your movie :-)

Take Care x


Hi Betty: I always will remember something I heard when working in the hospital and that was DO NOT have elective surgery during a full moon because you will bleed more. I don't care to find out if it is true or not. :)


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