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Another zone

Hi everyone im up im wide awake , just like sone of you put there, just feel like in a toast different zone place world , this land of anxiety takes you from the place you are in totally blurs out and nothing but awful scared fear sets in like now just made myself a hot milky drink and all can feel is my knot in my gut (hoping it's trapped wind ) not a stomach ulcer sending myself crazy , achey body even tingling in my gum what is that all about its crazy has I sip my drink im.trying to tell myself il be fine iv got my docs tomo for bloods even worried about that. Binkynoo dosent know what to do. Glad we have each other fir support no matter how big how small it is. All I ask is to sleep to go to a loveky place where our minds shut off rekax put anxious bodies & minds.

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The pain is all in your mind... The mind the a powerful thing and very hard to control 😟 I can not cope with this anxiety the most horrible thing I have experienced but I find laying in bed with the tv on while I try fall asleep kinda helps me :/

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I always listen to a talk show radio station like LBC97.3 which only has topicall discussions and no music. Most times it send me off to sleep but sometimes it's really good and I do listen for a while !!


I can recommend the Calm app for its lovely sounds of rain or waves, I had this on all night the other night when I was like this. Or go on Amazon and download one of the nature rain sounds, always v soothing I find and you can lie there listening to individual rain drops and it takes your mind off it long enough that your body can relax and you drift off.

Hope you got some sleep, good luck with the tests.


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