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Anxiety & periods

Ladies has anyone else's period been effected by anxiety. I've always had regular cycles but this year as my anxiety has got worse so have my cycles. Heavy, painful, prolonged, bleeding between periods, etc. Seen several GPS who all say anxiety but they've done no tests to check so I'm more worried. How do they know what's happening inside my body. They say the constant period pains are IBS. I hope they're right but am worried they're not.

I've finally got a Gp to agree to an ultrasound and I'm having blood test tomorrow but am so scared now.

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Hi lynne33, I totally get you , I kinda although it's not that time for me yet, I feel like I'm.getting niggles pains now , iv not even looked where I' ie days due etc , iv suffers jaw pain before hand , yes anxiety goes through the roof there has got to be some hormone connection . Iv started to keep a diary so can them see wether im.seriously lacking in something or to rule out things hormone imbalance, endemetreosis anything really . Keep in touch lynne33 let me know how you are doing see of compare notes we are not alone. Binkynoo

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Sorry for the late reply. Hope you're OK. I'm waiting for my blood results and have a scan next week. I think I do have a hormone imbalance even before the anxiety I suspected it but Gp didn't listen. I also think possibly I have endometriosis but I've heard doctors often dismiss that so it takes a while for diagnosis. I'm 35 but would quite happily opt for a hysterectomy the periods are so bad :( x


Hi Lynne33, iv just found out I'm low iron &,vit d on my blood results do got to get them in order take my prescription , iv been quite stressed &,anxious lately just trying yo get through day to day , but at that point I'm thinking oh no not long til.that time again , I hope pray that once my vit d &,iron increase it could help balance me im.gonna start juicing, look into what I can do then if nothing helps gonna go to go demand further tests would be great less pain will updated ,,how are you feeling. Hugs binkynoo.


Hopefully after taking those meds things will pick up for you. I got my blood results yesterday and its no further action. Do you know what they test for? I mean would it pick up any possible nasties like cancers as that's what I worry about the most. I've got a scan booked for next week and dreading it in case it does pick anything up.

Someone suggested agnus castus to me as that's meant to regulate hormones so could help with periods. If my scan comes back clear I think I'll take it xx


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