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Anxiety stomach issues

Hi guys hope you are all good , me well not really last few days new symptoms tummy uncomfortable like a mild burning sensation or nervous tummy full of knots & wind , sound familiar to anyone why when i just got over my jaw pain gum this started my mind tells me if could be something serious if stomach ulcer worried gone into panic has I have been on & off pain killers since June , due to jaw pain thing I had goung on , that's still to be sussed .hopefully it's a bit of ibs flare up I can get under control . Binkynoo

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Hi this sounds like me. That started for me on Thursday, complete with nausea and the runs, not nice. I'm struggling to tell myself it is anxiety.

But I had a good one and a half fats after the doc said our was almost certainly stress, filed by today which was one of my worst ever. I actually drove to a and e but stopped myself going in because there wasn't time to wait forf ten hours to get seen and I had to collect my child from school. The ten hours thing is not a joke. Last time I went I was seen quickly and then had to wait ten hours to be discharged as I was a non urgent case.

Anyway I didn't go but an new dreading having to tell the doc and being sent up they're anyway. Hospitals make me worse, and I am solo parenting this week so can't be late for school.

Sorry I am having a moan in your reply, just feel v wound up and as usual it's hard to tell if the symptoms came before the panic or the other way round.

Hope you're feeling better.


Hi worry magic 2013 thankyou so much it's nice to feel not alone and when I wake up in panicking mode all I can think about us my tummy pain I wish I could have somethibg to feel lovely and relaxed it may relax my tummy ha ha o feel like my whole body is tensed now with tummy ache thing . Will try sleep how has yours been better , worse let's hope it's just a phase our body goung through with anxiety. I'm gonna keep a food /anxiety diary what's crazy is when I'm really anxious it's ok when I feel like I just got over anxiety it plays up. Binkynoo


Hi this sounds very familiar to me. My sypmtoms are like acid reflux which is like a burning in the stomach. Ive had cramps when needing to go to toilet had this on and off for years but got worse recently but my anxiety as got much worse. And ive got like cramping in my hips but not to painful and sometimes down my legs and knees. Im not sure if i notice it more when my anxiety flares up. Ive started taking buscopan and this as helped me. Im here to chat if u need to off load


Thankyou so much ,im going to keep an eye on this another thing to think worry about , gonna try relax keep a food /anxiety diary .im having some bloods done at go tomo check iron levels hopefully so we will see.Hope sleep well &;relax enough to sleep through not wake in morn panicking about my tummy. Like I did at 6am this morning . Night binkynoo will let you know . Hooe you sleep well too.


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