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Can someone share what helps them with anxiety?

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I really am out of ideas what to do to help myself. I'd like you to share some techniques and tips that you find helpful! Thanks in advance.

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Hi there mittensque, I found the following natural recipe and it seems to help me and when I drink a lot of water I feel better. The mixture is 1 tee spoon honey 1 teaspoon ginger and a half teaspoon lemon juice 3 times a day. Talking to someone directly that has been through the same or is still going through this anxiety will help you, I find that when I speak to my mom who wheat through the same help me a lot.

You can share yours we would all like to try something new.

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Whizz4 in reply to Pikkie-wyn

Hi pikkie-wyn ,who told you or where did you hear about that drink.. I'll be giving it a try :-)

Thanks ! I'll try the drink today. I sadly don't have anyone i know to talk to who is going through anxiety, although my friends still understand me and makes me calmer.

Rhodiola, it's a plant , take it as extract from natural shop like holland and barrett, it's a miracle, it gives you energy as well, don't take it too late you might not sleep

The only thing that helps me has been CBT

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